China trip

Last December I took a trip to 4 cities in China. I was overwhelmed by the fact that there is so much to see that 8 days were far from enough. However, I at least fulfilled one thing in my bucket list, which is visiting Beijing.

The tour covered 4 big and famous cities in China which are Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. It is both too much to describe all the experiences in one blog post and at the same time, too little to have anything to say, since the trip was too short for me to really experience the daily life of those places I passed by. A little summary: Beijing, as expected, is full of sights reminding the people about feudal time, however, is still a little disappointing to me, since somehow it was less than what I always fancied; Shanghai, on the other hand, satisfied my expectation of a great place for shopping; Hangzhou is shockingly beautiful, even in winter, and I don’t think that was my last time visiting it; Suzhou, seemed like a good place (is famous for its silk products), but I didn’t have much time there.

Anyway, please follow the link to see some of the pics I took. Have a nice weekend, friends flirt

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