My current mood is high and excited, due to me thinking/imagining about the future quite a lot lately. As it is said, life is a chain of journeys, I am a Horse, and a Gemini at the same time, apparently that applies to me even more greatly. The only THING that can keep me excited for long, and never fails to lift up mood on dark days is plans of upcoming travelling trips.

Yeah, it is to say that my current future plans (in a few months, in a year, in a few years) involve a lot of travelling and adventures. Oh, but the very first rule in “The rules of life” (Richard Templar) is you should never ramble about your plans before you have actually done it. So, that’s all I can disclose for now hehe. (I haven’t had time to read that book, to be honest sherlock)

Through my very humble experiences, and this is also confirmed in many self-help books, I believe that if you want something, the more you think and imagine about it, the more likely it is to happen. Physically, it is explained that your brain produces some kind of electromagnetic waves (somehow similar to those of radio, phone, etc) that have energy to attract objects. I’ve tried this many times, and believe it or not, it happened to me. From the most trivial to the significant things in life, if you want it badly enough to keep thinking about it, imagining pictures of it in your head, believe with no doubt that it will sooner or later happen, it will happen to you! Socially explained, as my partner said, just like you are a stamp collector, you keep thinking about a certain stamp that you want to have, maybe a friend of you, who has a friend who has that stamp, knows that, and introduce you to each other, that’s how you got your dream object.

Oh, I digress again. All I want to say is that I’d been dreaming and was pretty much certain about one day I will come to Beijing, then it really happened, last December, even much sooner than I thought. So, there’s nothing bad about dreaming about my future destinations, then sooner or later, I will definitely find myself there.

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