Driving test

Just a little note about the driving test I took few days ago before I go to sleep to prepare for the China trip tomorrow.

To be honest, I never expected a normal thing like that could become so hard and stressful. “Sweat and tears”, no matter how you understand it. I didn’t expect me to pass, however, some miracle happened and somehow I scored full mark. How lucky I am is really beyond me!

Through all those days of stress and worries and hardship, I also found out that people can really learn from their mistakes. While practising I was the one who made the most mistakes, all kinds of them. But I realised that once I’ve learnt from them, I never repeat the same mistake again. That’s why some people who are perfect when practising could fail, because they didn’t have anything to learn from, and, you know, anything can happen during the real test, you are perfect in the trial tests doesn’t mean you can handle everything.

So, now I believe Failure is really the mother of Success.

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