Essay – the nightmare of uni life

When I leave university, the thing I will remember most will be the days before an essay is due.

I’ve nearly finished half way of uni now, and I don’t know about others, but to me the most painful time is when you have to actually force yourself to write assignments. And seeing that I am the Procrastinate Queen and I work best under pressure (I just DON’T work when there’s no pressure anyway), most of my assignments are always done few days before they are due.

I’ve always wanted to write an entry telling you the process I do an essay, which is to me quite odd and weird. So, let’s picture it: On the hardly spare space of the floor of my tiny tiny room, there lie a laptop, tons of books, notes, study guides and a pencil box, next to them is the bin (for me to put fallen hairs (mine, of course) on the floor in confused), a bottle of water, a mirror (for when I get bored, which is very often), sometimes food. All are placed within the reach of my arms so that I can conveniently reach them without the need to move my bum. headbang

I literally lock myself in the room while doing essay. Sometimes my housemates even think I’m away because they don’t see me for few days, which is understandable since I don’t go out of my room at all except for going to the bathroom. I don’t even cook properly on those days, just eat whatever I have left. But I do drink a lot of water, not that I’m thirsty though, just because it’s the only thing I can think of (and in the reach of my arm) when I get too bored!

I even practically switch off the wireless button of my computer, as you know I am a super distracted person, so doing that makes me feel like I can physically stop myself from going to MyOpera to complain about that whatever essay I’m doing or logging in facebook and check nonsense notifications. Sometimes I need music to make my brain working, but to prevent me from getting distracted by singing along with the songs, by this time I’ve collected a number of instrumentals just for that purpose. So, it’s me there sitting in the middle of books and rubbish bin, with a laptop literally on the laps, headphones on, hoodie on (don’t know why I always put on the hoodie when I sit on the floor writing, it’s just a habit).

Normally that torture lasts for 3-4 days, but now I guess I’ve got a bit of improvement with my last essay being completed just in 2 whole days. However, it’s still bad enough; with essays’ due dates are always close to each other, at this time I’m really afraid I’ll have gone mad by the time I come back home!

Books for the last essay

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