Well, there are things you have to try no matter how much it costs!

THAT is the comforting line I’ve been repeating to myself for hours! The other option is to bury my face in the pillow crying for the loss of $140. Yes, 140 DOLLARS! Why didn’t I learn to be a doctor, or more precisely, a dermatologist, who can grab heaps of money in exchange for just a little saliva? I don’t even recall what he said now. I don’t care. The only thing I care is that I walked out of the clinic gaining absolutely nothing, but losing $142 (including ATM fee, damn). A whole day of hard work was thrown out of the window. Not only money, hopes and wait were traded for NOTHING, nothing….

Only thing I’ve gained today is: I’ve been to a hospital in Australia for the first time!
End of story!

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