I just failed.

Face it, I’m just not competent enough. All I had to offer was my dream, maybe they valued dreams differently, maybe dreams worth less than some other things, it’s alright, just the difference in evaluation.

Anyway, I gave it my best, because if I had another chance, I’d still do what I did. Sometimes I wonder if it’s better or worse to say the comforting line “You did your best”, if I did all I could and I still failed, I must really suck then.

Then I tried another tactic, “You learn more from failure than from success”. This one seems to work better. And I told that failed person, whose self-esteem has just been severely damaged, that you just don’t let the evaluation of only 3 people in the world to decide how worthy of a person you are. True.

Anyway, I thank my mum a lot for using her own way to tell me that she doesn’t love me less even when I fail. Mother’s love, it must be infinite, for I haven’t done anything to make my mum proud, and I’ve jsut screwed one of the few opportunities to do so.

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