Today had a farewell lunch with my old housemate and her brother. She is going to leave Perth on Thursday. We have known each other for a year already, she is the one staying with me in Scarborough before, and until now she is still the housemate that has stayed with me longest ever (cos honestly I don’t have many housemates, hahah). Anyway, the thing still is, she is leaving soon, travelling around Australia, then finally uniting with her family. And me? Stucking here for another 2 bloody years!

The reason I get so moody about this is I realise that people, one after another, are all leaving Perth, which also means leaving me alone in this city.

The first one is Stan, whose departure I didn’t even know until long after that. No announcement, no good bye, not even any news since then. Probably he would never come back to Perth again. I don’t even know where he is now. Maybe he totally disappeared from my life already, and there seems to be no chance of us bumping into each other again in this world of 6 billion people. First and foremost, he was still a friend, a very good friend actually. And this is what makes me sad.

Now it is my housemate, Abigail. She will come back to Korea, continue with her college study, and, who knows what she will achieve in the future. Good for her. But maybe, again, this could be the last time we saw each other. Maybe not ever again. Memories are just memories.

And, YOU, will also leave me eventually. It is just the matter of time, sooner or later. Okay, I won’t talk about this anymore. We’ve been talking/crying about it enough. But you know, to me this is the most heartbreaking departure of all. You know that. Don’t you?

There is one thing that I hate about staying here is I have to stay here too long. I have to witness so many people taking turns to leave me. Why isn’t it me who is leaving? Why is it always me who stay and see their images everywhere I go? Oh! Bloody hell! I really HATE saying goodbye, more than anything else in the universe.

Picture: One of the last pics taken with Abigail. This is the first time I meet her brother. He reminds me about Sheng (the boy In Laos), who is: 1) very nice, 2) same age as me, 3) not speak much English (-> nearly no efficient communication between us), 4) keeps saying “Thank you” all the time. bigsmile

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