Good Friday

It’s been a tradition for me to mark every Good Friday by a random post since 2008 (when I still used another blog). This year I didn’t forget, but we were on the road with no Internet access so it has to be delayed ’til now.

Remember my Good Friday post last year? (Read the posts of the last 2 years here) I said “I have so much left to say to you”, because I was thinking about next Good Friday I might happen to be in Finland, but things were too uncertain to say it out loud. Little did I know, not only I made it to Finland, but on the exact time of Good Friday this year, I was travelling in 2 European cities, Amsterdam and Hamburg. Even I did not expect this. Wow!!!

But at the same time, a teeny tiny little bit in me missed having hot cross buns for Easter, and discounted chocolate after the holiday. I could find none here. However, at least Finland has some food of its own to celebrate this holiday, so right now I’m eating mämmi, a traditional Finnish Easter dessert which I had a chance to try before. It’s quite hard to eat, to say the least… 😀


But I’m happy 🙂

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