N.L.A. Traveller

A few months ago a friend realised that the title of the blog, “lonely traveller“, was no longer appropriate cool. I know. I realised it too, the reason I still kept it that way was only because I had not found anything equally cool to replace it. whistle

Nearly 2 years since the title was set, I’m still so satisfied with it (being a perfectionist, the number of things I’m satisfied with is really countable). It was inspired by Blackmore’s Night’s “Sake of song”
And we but lonely travellers
Follow a ray of light

The title reflects my personality and what I want to deliver in my blog so well that I didn’t want to change it. I love going to different places exploring the world, and most of the time I found myself doing it alone (by “alone” I didn’t mean physically lonely, but rather lonely at heart…). Not that I was bothered by that though, I am the kind that enjoys solitude, even. If I can’t find a perfect partner, I’d rather do things alone. But moreover, to me, life is nothing but a long great journey, first of all is the journey searching for our soulmate, the most like-minded human being that from there will take on the journey with us; prior to that, we are all travelers, and all lonely ones.

The description, ‘Once my ignorance was bliss‘, again, didn’t come out meaninglessly from nowhere. It’s from Kamelot’s song ‘Abandoned’, referring to a period in my life that I wasn’t so much happy.

Now that both do not fit the situation any more, and also I’ve decided the new title, so I’ll change them. It will be from Bon Jovi’s ‘Destination Anywhere‘: Name the place and I’ll be there headbang

P/S: Title of this post means “Not-Lonely-Anymore Traveller”, said by the one who made me have to change all this!

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