Phew … Home at last. After two flights and a day in Singapore.

Arrived at Singapore at 3am, caught a shuttle bus to Terminal 2 (as always), and headed to Starbucks (after McDonald p). No matter how many times I go to Singapore, I always visit that same Starbucks, sit at the same spot, and do the same thing: writing love stories (hahah). The story that some of you may already know, actually most of it was written in that Starbucks cool, but this time the mood went for a different story. No worries, I will finish the other one sooner or later. Promise p

In spite of swine flu, I still decided to get on MRT and go to the town as soon as sunshine filled the streets, because couldn’t bear the boredom. At the station, grabbed a stranger and he became my tour guide for the whole day cool . Just think about how nice it is wink I guess I have a little bit of good luck with strangers from time to time cheers .

Now I hope I can make the most of my time while at home. Wish you all the best as well bigsmile

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