Still the melody

Still that song in the post before my birthday (scroll down to see cool ), but this is the Japanese version, supposed to be the original one. It is originally the ending theme song of a cartoon named “The cat returns” (Anyone knows? whistle). Personally I still prefer the Chinese version, with fast pace and cute pronunciation, but since Japanese is much much easier to pronounce, these days I am singing along to this song to relax (it’s like a game, really fun you know, cos you have to concentrate hardly to the written pronunciation so you don’t get messed up and can catch the melody wink)

So now I really want to cover this song, maybe a duet with my sister, hehe. It’ll be fun. Wish I could pronounce Chinese nicely so I can do the Chinese version as well. Oh, if someday I get hyper enough, maybe I’ll give it Vietnamese lyrics, so can really enjoy the melody, and the version will spread widely and become a hit. Mmmm … delicious thought! happy

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