There was this teeny tiny little incident that happened about two years ago but still bugs me now. That was when I applied for the job at PCEC, we had a presentation in the morning, then tea/coffee break followed by training in the afternoon. During the training, when it was my turn to do the “white wine/red wine presenting and pouring”, the guy who taught us, who is one of the managers/team leaders or something, said to me: “Oh I saw you in the morning, why did you drink tea with a spoon? Hahaha”. I don’t know why I was too stupid to think of an answer then, maybe partly because I was busy wondering why he noticed such a small thing, was he stalking on me or something, and why he had to ask that anyway, it wasn’t even funny, also how could you dissolve the sugar properly without a spoon, using your finger? So I just not saying anything and posed this sheepish smile of mine. That’s why it still bugs me today. If now I could rewind to exactly that moment, I’d say “Because it’s called a TEASPOON man, can’t you freaking spell?”

Anyway, I’m having (Vietnamese) green tea at the moment (with a spoon of course, although no sugar LOL) to help me out of this half sleepy state. Have a nice weekend guys!

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