Unlike many of my classmates, I don’t develop an admiration towards my high school teacher-in-charge. But then I wonder exactly why so; she did not do anything bad to me, even favoured me to some extent, at some point, and I know she’s regarded as a dedicated teacher with strong characteristics by my classmates. The first answer came to my mind was, because she said the Tiananmen incident took place in 2000!!!

That was when I know, once and forever, that she’s not cool.

But what disturbed me even more was her attitude towards the event. She said something like “That is the deserving punishment for being disobedient and rebellious students!”. Since then, even though I respect her as a Physic teacher and I feel bad for the unfortunate events that have happened in her life, I know she is definitely not the one I will look up to.

The story amazes me of how a single and relatively small event can largely affect my view of a person. Of course there are other reasons, but this one is absolutely the key.

Anyway, I’m just studying the historical Tiananmen event at the moment, just thought I’d share this bigsmile

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