Truth Day?

Two years ago I started to think why there is Fool Day yet no internationally recognised day of telling the truth? (Let’s just call it ‘Truth Day’ for now). It doesn’t have to be a day that everybody HAS TO tell the truth, but is a day when a sincere confession is respected and encouraged, so for every truth disclosed people don’t have to feel ashamed or be punished for it. For example, if you are secretly having a crush on a girl, it would be a much better idea to send her a text message telling your deep secret on this day than to do it on April Fools’ Day (believe me, it is lame). Just like on 1/4 not everything is a joke, on Truth Day you do not expect everything to be truthful, but it gives a chance for people to have a light way of disclosing secrets and to be honest and sincere to each other.

I’ve read a book called something like “600 ways to make the world a better place”, now I believe this idea of mine could be listed in that book too. Oh well, why not I just try to submit it now?

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