2am: Just got home from work.
Today’s function is a dinner following a tattoo carnival in the day. Not like those charity balls last times, tonight (or last night?) the guests were almost casual, no fancy dressing up, in fact, they dressed, drank, and talked, just like… plumbers.

But what else could be expected? They are tattooed people, in the end. There must be a certain category for them. They either dressed to show the most of their tattoos, or in the most freaky way you can imagine: a bloody doctor, a bloody girl with lots of knives thrust into her body, a… horse, a Mad Hatter with another face at the back (which always confused me when I served that table).

And sure they were weird, and gulped down alcohol like drinking water. They… hi-fived me, asked me to take pictures for them, asked me to take pictures WITH them, stopped me to chat non-sense (Sylvie, that is your name right? The night is over, but I don’t wanna come home yet, blah blah) when I was busy like hell. But other than that, it was good. They were much better than those dressed up rich people I served before. They were kind enough to say to me that I’d done a wonderful job in the end.
And the music. Not surprising that it was rock music they chose to play in this kind of event. Some old familiar tunes: Born to be wild, Highway to hell, Knocking on heaven’s door…, did lift my mood a bit.

That’s the report for today. Sorry for no pictures. I’m f*cking exhausted now. Tomorrow will be full too, cos my research’s due on Monday. And guess what? I haven’t written a word!

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