4 jobs I wish to try

There are 4 jobs in the world that it’s best if everyone could try them all in their lifetime to learn lessons about life:

Teacher: Learn to see the way young minds absorb knowledge, be the one passing knowledge from generation to generation, be the one who has potential to influence a person’s whole life.

Doctor: Learn the lesson of life and death, learn to value every moment of life that we are living, learn the will to fight with Death and to know how lucky we are.

Age carer: Learn about young and old, know how much young and energetic we are and how many opportunities are waiting ahead to live life to its full potential and not to regret when we reach old age.

Airport worker: Learn about distance and the most tearful situation in life: farewell. Learn to know that every farewell comes with a gathering, every tear comes with a happy smile. Life is a roll in which there is no forever farewell if we are still long to meet again.

Loving life

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