Brooch bouquet update 3

Today my cousin told me she got some brooches for me from Australia, so I decided to update you with another post as I also have a few brooches arriving in the last weeks.

The first two brooches are from eBay. While the first one is very nice, the second is a letdown as it’s small and unimpressive. But looking at the photo on the website I should have known better. Oh, by the way, all photos of the stuff I buy only are website photos, hence they all look flawless. I just can’t be bothered taking photos of them in real life 😛
$(KGrHqRHJCYFI0RYKTgqBSTrY96uZ!~~60_57 $T2eC16dHJGYFFlOUQ!fcBSTqhyRG2Q~~60_57These are also from eBay. The first one is much smaller than I expected, only about 3cm in diameter. But this time I can’t ask for a refund because it was my fault, I must have been caught up in a shopping spree that I didn’t bother checking the dimensions. Typical me!
$T2eC16h,!)sE9swmcM0vBRz2vn0JNg~~60_3 $T2eC16J,!)kE9s4Z-4v3BRz2)t6GVg~~60_3

The following four are all $0.99 each, also from eBay. The pendants are smaller than they seem in photos, but as they are so cheap, I have no complain. They can work as gap fillers or something.

$T2eC16JHJIMFHI4Ung!2BS(7RPBE4!~~60_1 $T2eC16RHJHUFFivDsob8BRquOySGpg~~60_57



Well, I should have said everything today is from eBay as this next one is too. This one is beautiful (by now you should be able to interpret “beautiful” = “big”), although I’m not sure if it fits well in the bouquet as it doesn’t have a lot of colour. Anyway, I think I need to invest more in big pieces like these to define the bouquet instead of chasing cheap junks that can only be fillers.


Last are the gorgeous brooches from my cousin in Perth, Australia. From what I know living in Australia before, these brooches cost more than the cheap things I buy from the Internet. It’s very nice of my cousin to go look for them just right after we talked about the brooch bouquet yesterday. I haven’t seen them in person yet, but from what I see in these photos, they are amazing. I have no doubt they will add beautiful colours to the bouquet.

1501708_10202321465091672_1441024375_n 1530307_10202321464931668_1256329581_n 1545583_10202321464731663_1793066895_n

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