[OOTD] Autumn in the north

Today I participated in a video interview, so I thought I’d take pictures of my outfit and share it here. It’s nothing fancy though, I’d totally wear this to school on a day to day basis.

I wore a black blazer on the outside, but underneath it was a rather bold short sleeved sweater, so whether the interview was formal or casual, I still had solution for it. The inner layer was a basic long sleeve T-shirt, just for the warmth. Dark skinny jeans and combat boots on the bottom.


The blazer is from Uniqlo, sweater is from H&M, jeans from a Swedish brand named Lindex, shoes from Swedish branda Dinsko, but were thrifted from a second hand shop.


I cannot stress enough the importance of having a good blazer. Invest on a high quality classic black blazer that you are confident to wear and you’ll never regret it, because it is something that will never be out of style, can be worn all four seasons, and can be dressed up or down so you can basically wear it to any occasion. This blazer is hands down the best clothing item I’ve purchased, Uniqlo clothes are known for their good quality with reasonable price.

And this is how the sweater looks like:


The sweater is casual because of the loose silhouette, but still chic at the same time, thanks to the golden sequins on the shoulders. Army green is also a very trendy colour this autumn I think, or at least I like it so I’m attracted to army green clothes.

This outfit would be perfect for a +5°C day like today in Helsinki with a dark green infinity scarf, but as my hair was already all over the place, I didn’t want to make the look more chunky.

A bonus for how I curled my hair: Although I had a perm a while ago, the curls are straightening out. So if I want defined curls the next day, on the night before I would comb my hair thoroughly, divide it into two sections, wrap the end of each section around my three fingers (depends on how big you want the curls to be) to make a loop, then tie the loop with an elastic band. Easy and heatless. Next morning when you take the elastic bands out, you will have crazy curls, I didn’t put any hairspray on because the curls look even better when they loosen a bit. The reason you have to comb your hair thoroughly beforehand is because you don’t want to comb it the next day as it will mess the curls up. And if you only tie the end of your hair like I did, you would have no problem sleeping with it.

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