[OOTD] Subtly floral

Two days ago I had a chance to go to Stockholm for a very short trip, and the sunny spring blooming over the last few weeks in the Nordic had inspired me to pack something vibrant and happy to have an early celebration of summer although it is still a little bit chilly. So, along with a green Topshop dress that I absolutely love, I threw in a pair of floral pants I bought from Mango during the Christmas sale and had not had a chance to wear just yet.


These pants are probably among my most satisfactory fashion purchases ever. I freaking love them. I love the sophisticated floral pattern that is enough to make a statement yet not too “in-the-face”, which makes the pants also appropriate for more formal wear. I also love the colour combination and the lace-like texture which I think are very special. In addition, the pants fit perfectly, slim fit but not so tight that they make you just want to take them off on hot summer days.

I paired these pants with a simple white top that happens to have lacy details on the sleeves and hem, but the top is rather sheer so I also wore a cream-coloured tank top from Gap underneath. Again, Gap’s basic tank tops are one of the best quality, they are a little pricey but, as fashion gurus always tell you, invest your money in good quality basic pieces. I have two tanks like that from Gap, one black and one cream, have worn them for years and they are still in very good shapes. For accessories, I wore a red and pink bead necklace to match with the floral pants and tie the whole outfit together.

I made a Polyvore set for you to see all the items I wore, none of them is exactly what I had though, but you got the idea anyway.


I only had one pair of shoes for the trip – my lace-up boots from Dinsko – which are not particularly the best type of shoes to wear with skinny floral pants, so I had an idea to roll the pant cuffs for a more tailored and masculine look. It turned out to be perfect! You know, sometimes a small detail can make or break an outfit, and this idea of pant cuffs definitely made it, because it bridges the masculinity of the combat shoes with the girliness of the floral pants very nicely. A much better way to wear them than just tugging the pants into the boots.


Do you sometimes wear things you like so much that just make you extra happier and love yourself so much more, to the point where you become that self-centered person you always hate who takes photos of herself in any place possible?

Photoshopped sakura photo

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