The Kite Runner

It could be the most valuable item I brought home from India.

I have only seen Afghans once, also in that same India trip. They were late comers to the cadet exchange camp we were attending. I only saw them in brief moments as we were gathering to greet the Director of India’s National Cadet Corp. We took with them some photos and that was it. My only impression about Afghans is that they were surprisingly fair in skin and astonishingly beautiful, both boys and girls.

For a long time, I avoid learning about the Afghan war as it seemed such an overly complex matter. But the book has made me actively do it with great interest, just out of curiosity to make sense of the stories in there.

I love the book. It is written mostly in a narrative way, by a very skillful writer. And tell you what, I absolutely agree with both above reviews.

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