What a girl wants

Have you ever asked yourself what a girl wants?

A girl can desire a number of different things in life, an admirable career, a happy relationship, beautiful babies, a huge makeup collection, or ability to conquer the world; but the ultimate things that any girl (especially a hopeless romantic who is bombarded with American culture) would definitely want is a romantic proposal, AND a dream wedding. She can spend days, months, even years, imagining and planning about them, every little details.

So if for some reason she has to give them up, i.e. bring herself to suggesting marriage and sacrifice having a wedding, you know there is something going on.

I don’t know about you but I think every once in a while we should want something very badly, so badly that we are willing to give up a few things. Is it painful? Yes, very much. But it’s supposed to be worth it.

I’m the type of person that if I want to do something and I know it’s not wrong (morally and legally), I would need no one’s permission to do that. No matter how people question me, stop me, think about me, judge me, I would still do it. I’ve done so quite a few time (and I tell you, they are all big deals); and to this day they are the decisions I’ve never regretted. So go on and throw brick walls, God, I can deal with them.

Now you may wonder what is it that I want so badly. To put it simply: I just don’t want to spend this winter alone.

Lavender and the famous broken Pont d’Avignon

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