Fifty shades of turquoise

Recently I realised I’ve always been drawn to things of turquoise colour. This greenish blue shade seem to have some depth to it, and at the same time transparency, which makes it both luxurious and youthful at the same time. So when I was deciding on a theme colour for my wedding this July, turquoise came to my mind, and it’s such a great choice too because it would bring the much needed coolness to a summer wedding.

I have been looking out for turquoise decoration items in the last couple of days. I’ll update this post as I have new items to show you the silly knick-knacks I’m preparing for my wedding.

First off is a string curtain from eBay. Now don’t ask me what it’s for in the wedding, because I kind of made the bid by mistake. Yeah, typical me. But we’ll see, I’m sure there’ll be some purpose for it at the wedding.

3 (1)

Next is a collection of glassware, tableware, candle holders and serviette from Tiger, H&M Home and IKEA. You can see that there’s also a sheer curtain, which I’m thinking about using as an extra layer on top of the white tablecloth at the decoration table. Shhhh…


Few days later: I had a second thought about the sheer curtain doubling as table cloth. Probably it wouldn’t make a good table cloth as it’s so sheer and people can’t see it’s turquoise. So I went and bought a proper table cloth from H&M Home, along with some ribbons from Tiger. Will have to return the IKEA curtain.


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