One year’s gone so fast, yes, but looking back, one also realises many things have happened. This is the time that I have witnessed most changes taken place inside me than ever before, the year that marked some milestones in life. Sometimes I wonder am I changing, is it good or bad, am I not myself anymore, did I do the right thing? But I know making choices is what life’s all about. I have had my own choices, and I do not, as well as will never, regret about them.

On this special occasion, I would like to thank all the people who have been making me who I am. Thank Family for being the great source of support, and the destination I always head back to wherever I am. Thank Friends for always listening to me, and trusting me enough to share with me. Lastly (but not least), thank you, 和尚, for bringing me all the emotions I’ve never had before, and may as well not even in the future.

Hah, that’s enough for the Oscar-style part. Maybe I should go to tell you about my day wink

I told Dirk in the morning that it gotta be wild, but actually it is just in my imagination. I actually planned a quiet birthday just to fully enjoy the day myself. Headed to Fremantle on my own in the morning, going to market, taking a walk along streets, enjoying the beauty of old buildings, capturing those beauties into camera, and listening to music all the way. I really had a great time. I am sort of people who sometimes really need to be alone, and can enjoy solitary, especially when have music. Today I had a collection of Happy Birthday songs (specially reserved for this occasion) as my company. You don’t know how high music can lift your spirit up. I just wanted to dance right there on the streets, felt like this whole world was mine, and there was nothing I’m not capable of. Really great feeling. Just like taking drugs (Hahah).





Then afternoon headed back to the city to meet my cousin. We had KFC (again bigsmile), felt really full. She gave me a bookshop gift card of … $100. I was like, …, speechless. So shocked. Even felt I am not worth that much. You know how much I love books. To me there’s no term as “too many books”, every year I get books on my birthday, every year I still want it. Best cousin ever, hahah. Thank you, really. Then we went for books shopping. The feeling in the book store was so great, as always. Finally I picked “Marley and me”, saving the rest of money for next times. Am going to bring that book onto the airplane next week. Is that a good book to read on airplane? confused

Got home, already a little bit tired, but still had another plan to go out for dinner with all my housemates. In the meantime I just got online, and so unexpectedly found Dirk’s blog post. Really really impressive. The second surprise. Thank you very much, Dirk. Then also found out another friend quoted my post in his Yahoo blog. Wow, another surprise. All made me feel so … hyper, even though tired.

Then we 4 girls went to celebrate in a Japanese restaurant. Not a very big one, but the food was nice. I ordered an Okonomiyaki and it tasted really good. Yumyummm …





Hmm then exhausted when came home. Just wanted to go to bed. But before that I had to go to a housemate’s room to pay the rent. She was not in the room, the kitchen was shut and there were whispering voices. So weird. After paying her the money, I came back to my room, thinking that I thought things got better in this house, but not, I am still soooo ISOLATED (because I’m new and don’t speak Chinese, maybe?). Then, a knock on my door. And I opened it. You all should know what happened next, just that I was so dumb at that moment, hehe. Wow … 3 of them with a big chocolate cake full of candles, singing Happy Birthday. SURPRISE KEPT COMING TO ME! Wow that was sooo sweet, and I was so stupid to think of them like that.





Great…great…great! I love birthdays! yes

And at 23:59 got a phone call of a last birthday wish. Was not a surprise but was the sweetest thing of the day rolleyes

Now it is nearly 3am in the morning, and I was supposed to go to bed … 6 hours ago, but somehow I don’t feel tired anymore. Well, anyway, HAPPY NINETEEN! heart

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