[OOTD] Student life

If there’s a perk of being a student, it is you are able to wear almost whatever you want.


Today I have to wear a backpack so I tried to put together an outfit that will be able able to justify my big black non-cute backpack, and I came up with this. It’s casual with UGGs and leggings but still looks put-together. The green jacket doesn’t have any buttons, only a string to tie at the waist, so I put on a knit scarf to keep me warm. The scarf has some shade of green to match the jacket and the tribal feeling that matches the tribal print on the leggings, so it’s also a great accessory to put everything together.

The UGG boots are birthday gift from my sister who is living in Sydney. In my 3 years in Australia, I always wanted to have a pair but they were so expensive they couldn’t be justified for a purchase. This is the most expensive gift ever from my sister, I think. I was so touched B-)

The leggings are also a gift, from a friend of my fiancé’s family. Ms. Thai, if you are reading this, thank you very much, they are super cute and comfy.

And in case you wonder why my room is so pretty, tell you what, it’s not my room, I went to IKEA!

This is my room LOL:


These days I find myself going to IKEA every other week, which is crazy. But it’s also pathetic, because I think IKEA is the place that you go with your family or significant other to shop for your dream home, if you have to go by yourself it kind of sucks.

Anyway, the reason I posted this today is actually not for the outfit. I just wanted to show off my hair. Today is the first time I successfully put my hair in a donut bun, finally. It looks so neat and I love it!

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